The Current

As freedivers we are constantly on the search for the best lubricant to help us easily slide into our wetsuits. However finding the balance between the best lube for our suit and skin can sometimes be combatant to what's best for the ocean [or any body of water]. So we are on a mission to attempt to help each other find what works best for our suits and for our environment. Here are some ideas!
The fish I choose are taken with immense gratitude, dignity and love. I thank them not only for their life, but also for what they have taught me. Ecopsychologist, Gary Snyder said, “there is no death that is not somebody’s food, no life that is not somebody’s death.” To touch death, to be responsible for that blood, is a responsibility that our ancestors took seriously. It was understood that death is a part of life, but we have become desensitized from this fact. I may not need to do this for survival, but I do need to do it to understand my place in the order of things. 
We've just been awarded a NOAA SBIR Phase I grant! This is the story of our pathway to funding with all of its ups and downs. We couldn't be more excited about the opportunity to improve the app, improve the algorithm, and deploy some live sensors! Better yet, this is just the start...
The DiveViz Kickstarter campaign is live! We're looking for your help to build the best, all in one platform for diving conditions. This will include the first visibility forecast, crowd sourced reports, and live water clarity sensors! Check out our video and contribute to our campaign to help make this happen!
Just Get Wet has been committed to building a thriving community of freedivers in San Diego since June 2018. We believe that having a group of like minded, educated, safety conscious freedivers to train with will foster the most growth in all of us as individuals, as well as in the sport. The Molchanovs education system aligns with our vision perfectly, and has built a foundation that will accelerate all of our progress in ways we couldn't have possibly come up with on our own.