Daily Dive Report

Daily dive conditions for freediving, scuba diving, and snorkeling in areas such as San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, and Catalina Island. We report visibility, water temperature, and surf/surge, as well as any other inputs we receive from user reports. Send us your report so we can stay up to date!

San Diego Dive Report

LA - OC Dive Report

Catalina Dive Report


Our Mission

Our app is dedicated to bringing the dive community consistent and accurate ocean visibility reports and forecasts. Our goal is to provide the most accurate representation of what a dive site would be like before having to enter the water, therefore ensuring that the millions of Scuba divers, freedivers and snorkelers know when to plan their dives for the most enjoyable experience and highest safety.


Our topographical Google Maps generated dive map shows all of the dive sites near you. Quickly check conditions of your favorite dive sites, find new sites to explore, and plan for future dives with our site based forecasting algorithm.


Our forecasting algorithm, sensor data, and crowd sourced reports keep you the most up to date on whats happening below the surface. Browse each dive site's forecast [visibility, swell, water temp, tides and wind] and check out other user's dive reports for the most recent update on underwater experiences at each site.

Leaving your own dive report not only allows other divers to know the most opportune and safe times to dive, but your report data as well aides in further development and improvement of our forecasting model.


View your entire coastal region's conditional report, uploaded daily by verified admins. At a glance, get a detailed snapshot of what dive professionals in your local area are seeing above and below the surface. 

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