The Molchanovs Education System

The Molchanovs Education System

As many of you might have seen, the Just Get Wet freediving community has decided to jump on the bandwagon and start teaching the Molchanovs Freediving Education system. So what in the world is that? And why?

We'll start with the why.

Just Get Wet has been committed to building a thriving community of freedivers in San Diego since June 2018. We believe that having a group of like minded, educated, safety conscious freedivers to train with will foster the most growth in all of us as individuals, as well as in the sport. The Molchanovs education system aligns with our vision perfectly, and has built a foundation that will accelerate all of our progress in ways we couldn't have possibly come up with on our own.

As an instructor I have seen how the Molchanovs system is in every way as robust as the top freediving agencies in the US, but they have managed to package the content in a more user friendly way. I have seen students struggle with the methods of other agencies, but succeed with the Molchanovs system. At the end of the day I want my students to succeed and fall in love with freediving more than anything else, and I truly believe this is the best method to achieve that.

So now, what is it?

The Molchanovs system is written by the top freedivers in the world, including world record holder Alexey Molchanov, world record holder Goran Colak, and Australian record holder/youtube sensation Adam Stern (@adamfreediver). Their philosophy is that while traditional freediving courses provide new tools and techniques to divers, the real meat and potatoes behind a divers progression is consistent training within a supportive community.

This is why, after you finish your Molchanovs course, you will get access to the worldwide Molchanovs Freediving community, which includes weekly training workouts written by the top freedivers in the world and is tailored to every level of freediver. This is called Base Training. We believe this is the best tool that can help you and our freediving community grow, progress, and thrive.

Classes are labeled as Wave or Lap...Lap being the pool only portion, and Wave being the pool and open water portion. Upon successful completion of your course, you will get access to that level of Base Training. Note, if you take a Wave 1 class and pass the pool portion but not the open water portion, you will still get certified as a Lap 1 diver and get access to Lap 1 Base Training. 

You can tailor your Base Training to your own needs and abilities, but all Molchanovs divers around the world will be doing the same workouts every week as a freediving community. We all stay connected through the Molchanovs app to stay connected, share ideas, and track improvement. 

What does this mean for you?

If you were certified through another agency we can still get you access to the Molchanovs Base Training system! The FII curriculum is very similar to the Molchanovs curriculum, so if you were certified through me, another FII/PFI instructor, or any other agency just contact us and we will be able to get you into the Molchanovs community! There are some differences that will require you to watch some online videos and take an online exam, but the foundation is extremely similar so it shouldn't take you a lot of time!

Here are our course breakdowns...keep in mind the Lap course would be just the theory and pool session. So you can sign up for the full Wave course or the Lap course. If you sign up for the Lap course (and pass) you will get access to Base Training which will improve your breath hold and comfort in the water, gain you access to our training comunity, and then if you want you can easily sign up for the Lap to Wave upgrade course. Essentially this option gives you the ability to build a foundation in the pool to ensure your success in the open water, for a similar price.


  • 2 days
  • 1 x theory session
  • 1 x pool training session
  • 2 x dive sessions

Students learn the basics of freediving in the pool and ocean, they learn how to use their breathing and relaxation to unlock the bodies natural freediving potential and enjoy the feeling of freedom in the water. Students learn everything they need to dive to 12 – 20 meters (40 - 66 feet) and to achieve breath holds of over one and a half minutes.


  • 3 days
  • 1 x theory session
  • 1 x pool training session
  • 3 x dive sessions

Students learn how to train and utilize their body for greater freediving performances. They learn how to break down the different elements that improve their freediving and how to develop those individual elements. By the end of the course each diver will know everything they need to dive comfortably from 24 – 30 meters (79-101 feet) and to achieve breath holds of over two and a half minutes.


To sign up or to see the full descriptions of each course that Just Get Wet is providing in San Diego just click here . Hope to see you out in the water soon!


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