Saturday's San Diego Dive Report

Saturday's San Diego Dive Report

Visibility: 0-10 feet

Surf: 2-4 feet

Water temp: 65-68 F

Surf drops a bit but some wind chop on it early. Red tide lingers in many spots, just check from shore if you can prior to heading out

If you're looking for a group to freedive or snorkel with, our Just Get Wet community is out at La Jolla Shores just about every Sunday (usually with free food) and offers freediving classes, spearfishing charters, extended freediving/spearfishing trips, and plenty more shenanigans. Sigh up on our website, hope to see you there!

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  • Steven Staton

    Tried to dive the cove on Saturday. 1 foot at the surface and 1 foot at 21 feet. Didn’t even attempt it further, the red tide was in full affect and the sea grass and kelp had filled the cove. Add big rollers, this year has been a wash out so far.

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